Students with Ex

Disorders not included in LD

LD does not include problems that are the result of visual, hearing, or motor disabilities, of mental retardation, of emotional disturbance,

Defferences between 504 & IDEA EVAL

504 – Eval comes from a variety of sources – no consent, only notice

IDEA – Full Eval req – Req informed and written consent

Difference between 504 & IEDA Process
Due Process

504 – No consent req – no permanite provisions

IDEA – Req written consent from parents

Provisions are perminate.

Differences between 504 & IDEA ID
504 is more people less restrictions

IDEA is less people more restrictions

Does LRE mean putting students in the general ed classroom
LRE – Least restrictive enviroment

Enviroment that gives the studnt the least resrictions to their ability to learn and be included as much as possible

Emotional Behavior Disability
EBD key concept 2
2. Behaviors are severe, chronic and frequent, occur at school and at least 1 other setting and the student exhibits at least 1 of 8 characteristics or patterns of behavior indicative of EBD
EBD key concept 3
3. The IEP team used a variety of sources of information including observations and has reviewed prior, documented interventions
EBD key concept 4
The IEP team did not ID or refuse to ID a student as EBD soley on the basis of another disability, social maladjustment, adjudicated delinquency, dropout, chemically dependency, cultural deprivation, familial instability, child abuse, socio economic circumstances or medical statments
Emotional Behavioral Disability key concept 1
1. exhibits social, emotional or behavioral functioning that so departs from the norm that it adversely affects academic progress, social relationships, personal / classroom adjustment, self care or vocational skills.
Intellectual disability
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
If a student is having a hard time with a math problem, can they be placed in spec ed
Explain using bullet point what should happen

Refer for eval

Intellectual Disability
Subaverage general intellectual functioning
2 levels below IQ standards
Defects in adaptive behavior
Must occure in developmental years
Learning Disability
Disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or written, that may manifest itself in the imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, spell or to do mathematical calculations. Icluding perceptual, brain injury, developmental,
List 8 core pieces / principles of IDEA
1.Child Find 2.Assessment team 3.Nondiscriminatory assessment
4.IEP team 5.Surrogate parent
6.Due process hearing
8.Transition services
litigation cont
72 mills vs board – 18000 students not recieving special ed – minorities classed as behavior or mentally retarted – broadens the scope of PAR – all students will get FAPE – no exclusion due to insufficient funds – stage for IDEA
Name litigations that influenced the development of IDEA
1954 Brown vs Board of ED – Separate buy equal – Supreme court said it was not
1971 – 72 – Pennsylvania association for retarded children – students were excluded from public school – cour said no – conrnerstone for IDEA – do away with institutions
Public law for IDEA
PL 94-142
Response to Intervention
RTI – method for collaboration between general and special education. Approach that involves assessment and instruction. 3 teir system
1 – everyone
2 – targeted
3 – high risk
Response to Intervention
School Wide Policy Behavior Support
SWPBS – Behavior side build on 3 tier system like RTI.
1 to 5% High risk and not improving Top tier
5 to 10% Showing risk factors so put in 2nd teir
80 to 90% everyone all preventive or proactive, bottom or first tier
What are two major functions of misbehaviors?
1. To obtain something

2. To avoid something

What is FBA
Functional Behavior Assessment

A process for gather information to help educators
1. understand problem behavior

2. develop effective methods for modifying behavior

School Wide Policy Behavior Support

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