Special Education

What is P.L. 45-186?
(1857)This law authorized for the first time federal funds to provide materials for a specific group of handicapped citizens, in this case, it established the American printing house for the blind.
What is P.L. 93-112?
(1973)The Vocational Rehabilitation Act which prohibited discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
What is P.L. 94-142
(1975) This is the Education for all Handicapped children act. It’s the most comprehensive education legislation ever enacted on behalf of children with disabilities. It’s what later became known as IDEA, which guaranteed F.A.P.E, a free and appropriate public education to every child with a disability.
What is P.L. 99-457?
(1986)This is a branch off of IDEA, except it includes early intervention for kids under 5 years of age. It inclues the IFSP, individual Family service plan.

What is P.L. 101-336?


(1990) This is the ADA(American with disabilities act), which eliminates discrimination in private sector employment, transportation, telecommunications, and public services and accomodations
What was the basis for the lawsuit” Diana VS California state board of education”, and what was the outcome?
(1970)This case was based on nine children placed in classes for the EMR on the basis of inappropriate intelligence tests. Ultimately, it was determined that children could not be placed in special education classes on the bases of tests that are culturally biased or admiistered in a language that is not the student’s primary language.
What was Covarrubias VS San Diego Unified School District based on and what was the outcome?
(1971)Based on Diana VS California, this was based on behalf of twelve black and five Mexican American students placed in classes for the EMR. It maintained that any revision of test methodsfrom Diana mst recognize the cultrual infkuence of the child’s environment in determining the kearning ability of a child.
What was Brown VS Topeka outcome?
(1954)This said that separate but equal segregation(plessy VS Ferguson) of schools was illegal because it voilated the 14th ammendment’s equal protection clause.

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