SAT Vocabulary Unit 1 – Definitions

(noun) The gaseous envelope surrounding a celestial body such as earth; the air in a specific place; a dominant emotional environment, effect, or attitude,
(afjective) Capable of burning, dissolving, or corroding through chemical action; extremely critical in tone; bitter; sharp; incisive
(adjective) Related by blood or origin; of the same or similar nature.
(adjective) Prevalent in or peculiar to a particular locality, region, or people.
(adjective) Existing in a savage or untamed state.
(adjective) Bearing or producing abundant vegetation; highly; or continuously productive; capable of reproducing.
(adjective) Possessing an offensive odor; stinking.
(adjective) Extremely cold; devoid of warmth; stiff and unresponsive.
(adjective) Possessed as an essential characteristic; inborn;originating naturally rather than derived from experience.
(noun) A seed or grain enclosed in a husk;
(adjective) Full and luxuriant; plentiful; covered with abundant growth.
(adjective) Extending a presence or influence throughout.
(noun) A soft wet area of low-lying earth; a difficult or treacherous situation.
(adjective) Not of natural origin; artificial or human-made.
(adjective) Moderate in degree or quality; not extreme or excessive.(adjective) Having a relatively high resistance to flow; adhesive or sticky.

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