Red, White, Blue

reflect (verb)
to show a particular event or feeling
tradition (noun)
a family’s way of doing something
celebration (noun)
a party
involve (verb)
to include someone or something
flag (noun)
a cloth to represent an idea or country
nickname (noun)
A fake name given to someone or something
star (noun)
a five or six pointed shape
a line of color
America (noun)
a name used for the US
colony (noun)
land that is controlled by another country
belong to (verb)
to be a part
freedom (noun)
the right to make choices
sew (verb)
to knit together
general (noun)
highest leader of the army
army (noun)
a group trained to fight
proof (noun)
facts to prove something as true
colonist (noun)
co lo nist
someone who lives in a new colony
background (noun)
back ground
the setting that is in the back of something or someone
congress (noun)
a group of people elected to make laws
minded (verb)
to think about
bomb (noun)
to attack with bombs
fort (noun)
a strong building for protection
give up (verb)
to stop doing
battle (noun)
a big fight
proud (adj)
feeling pleased
fit on (verb)
to be the right size or shape
split (verb)
to divide into parts
confederate (noun)
con fe der ate
a group of people
break out (verb)
to begin suddenly
birthday (noun)
the anniversary of one’s birth

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