Ready for RICA study Chapter 4

What are the 4 major concepts of print?

(1) Print Carries Meaning

(2) Directionality of English and Tracking of Print

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(3) Sentence, Word, and Letter Representation

(4) Book Orientation

Print Carries Meaning
Children have aquired this concept when they understand that words are used to transmit messages–stories in picture books, product names in advertisements, and labels on things like bathroom doors.
Directionality of English and Tracking of Print
Students have aquired this concept when they understand that words/symbols written in English are read left to right and top to bottom.
Sentence, Word, and Letter Representation
This concept is the knowledge of the difference between letters, words, and sentences.
Book Orientation
This is the knowledge of the location of a book’s cover, the difference between the author’s name and the title, and where the story starts.
What are two ways one can assess concepts about print?

(1) Concepts about print tests:The teacher tests students by having them read a book with some of the text upside down, some words with the letters reversed, and some lines of print in odd configurations.

(2) Informal Assessments by the Teacher

What are some ways to teach concepts about print?

(1) Reading aloud to students

(2) The Shared Book Experience

(3) Langauge Experience Approach

(4) Environmental Print

(5) Print-Rich Environment

Language Experience Approach
Children share an experience such as a field trip to the zoo, and then dictate an account of the experience to an adult, who records it verbatim.
Letter Recognition
Refers to the ability to identify letters in both upper and lower case.
Letter Production
The ability to write the upper and lower case letters legibly.
How does one assess letter recognition and production?
Display the letters randomly and ask the child to identify the target letter. A teacher should also test the ability of a child to write letters in isolation by calling out the name of the letter that the child should write.
How could the teacher help a student associate names and things with letters?
The teacher could display a large letter ont he blackboard, like a J, and then ask everyone with names beginning with J to stand underneath the J. Or students can place a toy or a common object in a box labeled with a particular letter it goes with.
What are some simple material and tasks that would help the student with letter recognition?

(1) Signing the Alphabet

(2) ABC books

(3) Practice writing in upper and lowercase letters

(4) Tactile and Kinestetic Methods

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