Reading Unit 6

yetkili, otoriter, a confident and determined way of behaving or speaking that makes people respect and obey you.
clear (one’s) throat
bogazini temizlemek, I clear my troat before I sing in order to improve my voice.
field of vision
gorus acisi
sikayet etmek, inlemek. If a child is moaning softly, then he or she may feel pain, either emotional or physical.
please help me. a begging way of looking at someone if you want him or her to do something.
a survey, anket.the process of finding out what people think about something by asking many people the same question.
ileriye drive or push something forward.
kalinti, artan. the part of something that is left over after everything else is gone.
care, icabina bakmak. I wish I had a solution so I could remedy the problem.
duzenli, sabit. I have to steady my voice so he will not know how angry I am.
straighten up
duzeltmek.If no one tells that child to straighten up when he walks, he will end up looking like an old man.
with ease
kolaylikla. without difficultly.

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