Reading Terms

Emergent Literacy
When a child uses books and writing materials to pretend to read/write, even though they do not actually know how to read/write.
Guided Reading
The teacher gives the students a structure for and tells them the purpose of their reading, as well as a structure for how to respond to the text.
Round-Robin Reading
Students take turns reading from a book.
Echo Reading
The teacher reads a line from a book and the students repeat it.
Choral Reading
Students read aloud at the same time as the teacher.
Fill-in-the-Gap Reading
Teachers read from a book and pauses occasionally to the have students chime in with the appropriate rhyming or predictable word.
Shared Reading
Echo, choral, or fill-in-the-gap reading.
Big Books
Books that are very large, with large print and pictures.
Look at written text and “translate” it into spoken sounds.
Sight Words
Words that a student recognizes on sight, rather than first having to sound them out.
How well a student is able to read something. (E.g. Are they slow readers who constantly have to slow down/stop to sound out words?)

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