Reading Jackie Robinson Chapter 1 Definitions and Notes

a person who competes in sporting events
major leagues
the professional leagues with the best players
a person who tells a story
someone who is confident
a place where baseball players sit while waiting for their turn at bat
a true story of a person’s life
another name for a factory
someone who takes chances
How many player’s from one baseball team are allowed on the field?
The _______ plays right behind the batter.
all the way around the bases
How far must a batter go around the bases before he can score?
first, second, third, and home
Name the bases that a batter goes around.
Jackie Robinson
The biography is about _________.
Duane Jefferson
What was the narrator’s name?
a meat packing plant
Where did the narrator work?
What year was the narrator remembering?
Brooklyn Dodgers
The narrator’s favorite team was the ___________.
Los Angeles Dodgers
The team is called the ____________ today.
Jackie Robinson
The narrator remembered ___________ the best.
Jackie Robinson
__________ was the first black man to play on a major league baseball team.

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