Reading Hull House Chapters 1-2 Definitions and Notes


the small cities and towns that surround a large city


a boss
a person who goes down the street with something to sell
a poor, crowded neighborhood with run-down houses and buildings
3 million
About how many people live in the city of Chicago?
That’s where Lake Michigan is.
Why are there no suburbs on the east side of Chicago?
They were from Italy and spoke Italian
Why didn’t Maria’s parents speak English?
In what year does the biography begin?
Jane Addams
Who is the main character?
Maria Rossi
What is the name of the first fictional narrator?
In what year did Jane Addams move into the Hull House?
How old were the children in Maria’s family when they had to go to work?
There was a lot of garbage
Why did the neighborhood have a lot of flies and rats?
a candy factory
Where did Maria work?
They spoke different languages
Why couldn’t the people from the different neighborhoods understand each other?
Ice, veggies, milk, coal, rags
What types of things did the peddlers sell?
wrapping all the candy in yellow paper
What mistake did Maria make?
He would hold up a handkerchief and ask what color it was.
What would one of the men sometimes do to tease Maria?
To get better prices.
Why would people argue with the peddlers?

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