Reading Hull House Chapter 7-8 Notes and Definitions

When you have a daydream or get lost in thought you are in a _________.
When something is __________ it is very impressive.
When you stop doing something that you started you __________ it.
When a reporter conducts an __________, the reporter asks somebody questions.
When something is __________, it is a little bit fat and round.
In what year did Jane Addams die?
She was writing an article about Jane Addams.
Why had Camila Perez gone to Chicago?
She tried to stop WWI.
Why did Jane Addams travel around Europe in 1914?
To help people who were starving and diseased.
Why did Jane Addams go back to Europe in 1918?
The Noble Peace Prize
What prize did Jane Addams receive?
People who have worked for world peace.
What kind of people does The Nobel Peace Prize recognize?
Maria Rossi
Who did Camila Perez interview first?
In her fifties
How old was Maria when she was interviewed?
Because she felt she was repaying Hull House.
Why didn’t Maria have a job that paid, instead of her job at Hull House?
Jane Addams died.
What happened the week after Jane Addams talked to Camila Perez?

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