Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire?

faire du sport
to play sports
faire du roller
to roller blade/roller skate
faire du footing
to run/jog
to swim
faire du velo
to ride a bike
to ski
jouer au basket
to play basketball
jouer au foot
to play soccer
regarder les films
to watch movies
aller au cinema
to go to the movies
regarder la tele
to watch TV
le camping
ecouter de la musique
to listen to music
ecouter du reggae
to listen to reggae
ecouter du jazz
to listen to jazz
ecouter du rock
to listen to rock music
ecouter du rap
to listen to rap
ecouter de la techno
to listen to techno music
ecouter du hard
to listen to hard rock
ecouter du funk
to listen to funk
ecouter de la musique classique
to listen to classical music
ecouter de l’alternative
to listen to alternative music
ecouter du disco
to listen to disco
ecouter de la new wave
to listen to new wave
ecouter de la cold
to listen to cold music
ecouter de la dance
to listen to dance music
ecouter de la musique creole
to listen to creole music
ecouter de l’african beat/du world beat
to listen to African music
ecouter du raggamuffin
to listen to ragamuffin music (a style of reggae)
les soirees
parties (for high schoolers)
les boums
parties (for younger teens)
les boites/les clubs
dance clubs
to dance
to sing
to study
to like/to love
to call (name)
to present (introduce)
to call on the telephone

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