P.E. Methods Final

What are two different federal mandates?
1. Title 9
2. PL – Public Law 94-142
What is Title 9?
Protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities which receive Federal financial assistance.
What does Public Law 94-142 state?
There should be equal rights for any student with a disability
Why is there a need for a physical education program?
– Over 60% of the U.S population is overweight
– The average elementary school student watches 25 hours of tv per week
What does a positive P.E experience equal?
Active adults
What does a quality physical education program enhance?
What is one of the health benefits of physical education?
Blood pressure goes down
Why is the elementary level an ideal age to teach p.e instead of middle school?
They are growing slowly at that age
What are the three body types?
1. Endomorphs
2. Mesomorphs
3. Ectomorphs
Soft, round, protruding abdomen
muscular body (team sports)
very thin
What are the two components of physical fitness?
– Health Related
– Skill Related
Health related (5)
1. Cardiovascular Endurance
2. Muscular Strength
3. Muscular Endurance
4. Flexibility
4. Body composition
Cardiovascular Endurance (Health Related)
Capacity – nutrients & oxygen to tissues
Muscular Strength (Health Related)
Ability of muscles to exert force
Muscular Endurance (Health Related)
Ability of muscles to exert force over an extended period of time
Flexibility (Health Related)
Range of movement of our joints
Body Composition (Health Related)
Proportion of body fat to lean body mass
Skill Related (5)
1. Agility
2. Balance
3. Coordination
4. Speed
5. Power
Agility (Skill related)
The ability to change position rapidly and accurately
Balance (Skill related)
the ability to maintain a state of equilibrium, stationery
Coordination (Skill related)
Ability to perform smoothly and successfully using more than one motor skill
Speed (skill related)
Ability to perform movement in a short amount of time
Power (skill related)
Combination of strength & speed
– ability to transfer energy explosively into force
Prescriptions for fitness (3)
1. Intensity
2. Frequency
3. Duration
How much resistance (ex. get heart rate up to 75% max.)
How often (ex. 3-4 times a week)
How long (atleast 30 minutes)
To be a quality teacher you must…
know the art of teaching
Ends of where we’re headed (where we are going)
Means, how you are going to get there
Measurement of results
What are the seven teaching styles?
1. Direct Instruction
2. Task (Stations)
3. Mastery Learning
4. Individualized
5. Cooperative Learning
6. Inquiry
7. Free Exploration
Direct Instruction (Teaching style)
Teacher controlled
Task-stations (teaching style)
either changes by day or after (10) minutes
Mastery Learning (teaching style)
where we use max. performance standards rather than min. performance standards
Individualized (teaching style)
work on things on your own
Cooperative Learning (teaching style)
students work cooperatively together
Inquiry (teaching style)
process versus product orientated
Free Exploration (teaching styles)
they get to choose what to do
Lesson plan components for p.e
Objectives, preassessment, learning activities, evaluation, differentiated instruction, and materials needed
Why do you need to do a preassessment in a P.E. lesson?
To know where the students are at
Developmental Level I
– Grades K-2nd
– Individual Activities, Movement and themes, body identification and management
Level II
– 3rd-4th
– Fundamental Skills and Specialized skills
Level III
– 5th-6th
– Sport skills, lead up games(line soccer, noocum)
Locomotor skills
Skills used to move the body from one place to another or to project the body upwards
Examples of locomotor skills
Walking, running, jumping, hopping, sliding
Nonlocomotor skills
Skills performed without appreciable movement from place to place
Examples of nonlocomotor movements
Bending, swinging, twisting, stretching, pushing, pulling
Motor Skill Manipulative
1. Throwing
2. Catching
3. Kicking
4. Striking
Manipulative skills activities
1. Balloons
2. Bean Bags
3. Balls
4. Juggling
5. Bowling
6. Wands
7. Hoops
8. Jump Ropes
What is the ultimate goal of classroom management?
Getting students to control their own behavior
Why is the first day of school so important?
Never have a second chance to make a first impression
What are the 2 overall keys that provide foundation?
– Procedures & Routines
– Discipline Plan
What components need to be incorporated in a discipline plan?
– Rules
– Consequences
– Positives
– Never have more than 5 rules
– Follow directions first time given
– Warning (always first)
– Never more than 5, never less than 4
– Have both indiv. and classroom positives (free time, choice)
Least Restrictive Environment
Determination of the best placement of students with disabilities, either mentally or physically
Integration of students with disabilities with regular students
IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
– Required for any child receiving special education
What does an IEP have to include?
– Current status of child’s level of educational performance
– Long-term and short-term instructional goals
– Special ed. services provided
– Start dates and duration
– Criteria for annual evaluation of short-term objectives
Modifications for Instruction
– Students lacking strength/endurance
– Students lacking coordination
– Students lacking balance/agility
Students lacking strength/endurance
Modify tempo, reduce weight of object, reduce distance
Students lacking coordination
– Increase size of goal or target
– Use stationary objects
– Softer/lighter
Students lacking balance/agility
– increase width of beam
– provide assistance
What are the four steps to teaching sport skills?
1. Teach skill
2. Rules
3. Lead-up game
4. Actual game?
Obligation to do what is required in law and enforced in court
In Loco Parentis
Assuming legal duties of a parent
Legal wrong, results in injury to another person or to property
For see ability, potentially harmful situations
Learning Activities (Lesson plan)
1. Revelation of objectives
2. Graduate Sequence
3. Guided practice and feedback
4. Closure/Ending Review
Graduate Sequence (Skill)
1. Whole
2. Part
3. Whole
4. Questions?
Graduate Sequence (game/activity)
1. Object
2. Explanation
3. Demonstration
4. Questions?

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