Other Terms

A student who understands a certain concept helps those who are struggling.
Cross-Age Tutor
An older student helps a younger one
Divergent Thinking
Students explore many possible solutions to a problem (e.g. brainstorming). This process is often creative and there is no one right answer.
Grand Conversation
A conversation between all the students in a class directed by the students. The teacher observes but does not take part.
Students learn by taking experiences and seeing how they fit into their view of the world (assimilating) or else by changing their view of the world to fit with their experiences (accommodating). Learning is an individual process that must be motivated by the student. Everyone learns different things from different experiences. Teachers are suppose to be facilitators (help the student reach their own understanding of a concept) not lecturers.
Story Boards
A comic-strip-like sequence of boxes where each box depicts a scene from a story. Taken in order, the boxes represent the entire story.
Concept Maps
A diagram that shows relationships among concepts. It uses boxes for concepts and arrows to show how they connect to each other.
Venn Diagram
A method of comparing and contrasting two (or more) things. Each circle represents one thing, and the characteristics of that thing go inside the circle. The overlapped parts of the circles represents overlapped characteristics.

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