Venn Diagram
They are a great way of visually comparing two or more characteristics or ideas.
Ways to Teach Probability
1. Experiment
2. Outcome
3. Probability
Cardinal Numbers
Tells “how many.” They are also known as “counting numbers” because they show quantity.

Here are some examples using cardinal numbers:

-8 puppies
-14 friends

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Ordinal Numbers
Tell the order of things in a set. First, second, third, etc. They DO NOT show quantity. They only show rank or position.

Here are some examples using ordinal numbers:
-3rd fastest
-6th in line

Nominal number
They are numbers that name something. Example: a telephone number, a player on a team. Nominal numbers do not show quantity or rank. They are used only to identify something.

Here are some examples of nominal numbers:

-jersey number 4
-zip code 02116

The understanding that if the length of object X is equal to (or greater/less than) object Z, then object X is the same length as (or greater/less than) object Z. A child with this understanding can use an object as a referent by which to compare the heights or lengths of other objects.
Equal Partitioning
The mental activity of slicing up an object into the same-sized unit.

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