Standardized Test
These instruments are structured to ensure that all students are administered the items in the same manner so that comparisons can be made more reliably.
Criterion-Referenced Test
Tests designed to accompany and measure a set of criteria or skill-mastery criteria.
Norm-Referenced Test
Tests designed to compare individual students with national averages, or norms of expectancy.
Large Scale Assessment
one that is given to a large number of students across classrooms and schools at more or less the same time-given on a large scale
Competency Level/Mastery Score
relate student performance to preset levels of mastery of the content.
grade equivilant score
Norm referenced scores, not criterion-referenced. Describe relative standings in a group; they have nothing to say about the actual level of work students are able to do.
Percentile Score
norm-referenced scores-tell you what percentage of the norm group a student outscores
percent correct score
how well a student performed on a given set of test items
raw score
number of questions answered correctly or number of points earned.
Measurement Error
errors contained in a test that can make a student’s true level of achievement higher or lower
Content Standards
what students are supposed to learn. learning targets
Performance Standards
provide clear statements of the kinds of performances that constitute evidence that students had met the content standards
Standards Based Assessment
standards based test is one based on the outcome-based education or performance-based education philosophy
saying the same thing for everyone
same test will give the same results
testing what is supposed to be tested
slicing up bell curve and dividing it
Assessment of Learning
standardized tests, quizzes
Assessment for Learning
pre-assessments, journaling, projects

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