Lesson 1 Day 1-4 Game

Cloud Computing
Deliver and share data and retrieve it from anywhere.
the design of a computer doc.
A link in hypertext. (blue text) when clicked it takes you to that link.
Tracks your problems. When they come up and when they are fixed.
Multipurpose Internet Mail
Tracks your problems. When they come up and when they are fixed.
Exchange various kinds of mail over the internet. (Audio, video, images, etc.)
Graphical User Interface
Interface that user’s see. Users give it commands and the GUI follows them. (Like when people play games online.)
Standard Generalized Markup Language
Create/ define your own documents’ language rules.
Extensible Markup Language
Define/describe a set of encoding rules.
Language used to create other languages.
Cascading Style Sheets
Style Sheet Language that provides formatting and “look” of a web page or document written in markup language.
the latest HTML so far. Delivers content without excess plug-ins required.
Document Type Definition
The documents’ rules you want it to follow.
Scripting language that allows web pages to be interactive.
Americans with disabilities act
discrimination against a disabled person is illegal in employment, transportation, public accommodations, communications and government activities.
Web Development Project Cycle
Cycle used in all website development.
Part of internet accessibility guidelines.
Work to improve www for diabled people.
Section 508
which requires that electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the Federal government must be able to be used by disabled people.
User Agent
software acting on behave of the user.
List of pages on a website available to its users.
Define your design. Planning your layout depending on how you want your users to use it.
Site Diagram
How you want your site to appear. Your site’s structure or representation.
Someone who is an owner or owns part of something.
Offline Storage
Cannot be accessed from a computer or terminal until it is mounted in the drive. In disc and tape in a data library.
Finding the location of an object or person by using things like the Internet.
store on a server so it can be accessed by others over the internet.
Web Service Providers
Format, transport, interface standards (no data) to be exchanged.
Internet Service Provider. Provides internet access to subscribers.
Providers from ISPs or Cloud Computing that furnish floor space, electrical power, and high speed links.

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