Legislative Branch

How Many Members Are There In The House
How Long Is The Term For The House
2 Yrs.
How Old Must A House Member Be?
25 Yrs Old
Who can propose tax laws
The House
Who can impeach The Pesident
The House
How Many People Are In The Senate
How Old Do You Have To Be, To Be In The Senate
30 Yrs Old
How Long Is The Term In The Senate
6 Yrs
Who Approves Of The Presidents Appintments of people into the Govn’t
The Senate
Who can make a triety w/a forgin country
The Senate
Who Can Try The Pres. After Impeachment?
The Senate
Who Can Propose Laws?
Both The House And Senate
Who Can Declare War
Both The House And Senate
Who Can Pass A Veto By The Pres?
How Many Votes Do The Need?
Both The House And Senate
2/3 of each

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