Legacies in African American H

February 10, 1989–who was the first African American elected as the National chairman for the democratic party
Ronald Brown
Month of February selected as a way to honor the birth of 2 men who drastically altered the future of African Americans
1. issued the Emancipation Proclomation
2. one of nations leading abolitionists
Abraham Lincoln
Frederick Douglass
1966, who was appointed as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This app. made him the first Black Presidential cabinet member
Robert Weaver
1967, who became the first black Justice of the US Supreme Court
Thurgood Marshall
1954–the Supreme court rule in what made it illegal to segregate schools.
Brown vs. board of education
1872–who became the first black to be admitted to the US Naval Academy
John H. Conyers
On Feb 25, 1870 who of Mississippi became the first black to serve in the US Senate
Hiram Revels
1966–who became the first black coach of the Boston Celtics making him the first black coach in the NBA
Bill Russel
1991–who was confirmed to the US Supreme Court
Clarence Thomas
July 17, 1862–Congress approved what in the Union Army
arming blacks as soldiers
Nov 5, 1968–who is the first Black woman elected to the House of Rep.
Shirley Chisholm
In the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics, who surprised many people by making 4 consecutive gold medals
Jesse Owens

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