LEED Certification Levels

Certified: 40-49 Points

Silver: 50-59 Points

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Gold: 60-79 Points

Platnium: 80+ Points

LEED Credit Weightings

-All LEED credits are a minimum of 1 point.

-All LEED credits are positive, whole numbers; not fractions or negative values.

-All LEED credits recieve a single, static weight in each weighting system.

-All LEED rating systems have a 100 base points; Innovation in Design & Regional Priority credits provide up to 10 bonus points.

When to use LEED NC (New Construction)

-LEED NC is used primarily for New Buildings & Major Renovations.  A major renovation involves major HVAC renovation, siginificant envelope modifications, and major interior rehab. 

-For projects where MORE THAN 50% of the completed project is going to be occupied LEED NC may also be used.

When to use LEED for CS (Core & Shell)

-LEED CS was developed to serve as the speculative development market, in which project teams do not control all scoped of a whole building’s design ; construction.

-CS can be used for projects in which the developer controls the design and construction of the entire core ; shell base building but has no contol over the design and construction of the tenent fit-out.

-For projects where LESS THAN 50% of the completed project is going to be occupied LEED CS should be used.

When to use LEED for Schools
-LEED for schools adressed design and construction activities for both new school buildings and major renovations of existing school buildings. ;LEED Schools must be used for academic buildings on K-12 school grounds. ;Other projects on a school campus may qualify under 2 or more LEED rating system project scopes.;
LEED Categories

– Sustainable Sites: SS

-Water Efficiency: WE

-Energy ; Atmosphere: EA

-Materials ; Resources: MR

-Indoor Enviromental Quality: IEQ

-Innovation ; Design Process: ID

-Regional Priority: RP

CIR Process

(Credit Interpretation Rulings)

-Review the CIR webpage for prior CIR rulings, if no existing CIR’s are relevant the team should submit an online request.

     *Provide a brief but explicit description: based on the pre req or credit info found on the ref guide. 

     *Place special emplasis on the intent of the pre req or credit.

     *If possible, the team should offer potential solutions.

-USGBC will rule on the request electronically. 

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