LD- Curriculum 5 & 6

What must occur before teaching and learning is successful?
Preparation and delivery
Which cycle includes a planned curriculum where the teacher adjusts the plan to fit student needs?  In this cycle, the teacher is not in charge of the design of the instruction.  Students are in a contained space.
the Instructional cycle
What are the six steps to instructional delivery of the curriculum?

1. Determine teaching tasks and student outcomes.

2. Match objectives to student abilities.

3. Design the instructional process.

4. Deliver the planned curriculum.

5. Use feedback to analyze curriculum and instruction.

6. Adjust instructional delivery.

Name 5 method options for instruction.
Comparative analysis, conference, demonstration, disgnosis, direct observation, discussion, drill, experimentation, field experience, field trip, group work, laboratory experience, lecture, manipulative and tactile activity, modeling and imitation, problem solving, programmed instruction, and/or computer-assisted instruction
The belief that learning occurs because of something that the teacher does to the student is which approach to learning?
Behavioral approach
Which approach to learning focuses on instruction and the needs/growth of the students?
Developmental learning
Who is the leading theorist of developmental learning? 
Jean Piaget
Who is the leading theorist of behavioral learning?
B. F. Skinner
Who is the leading theorist of perceptual learning?
Carl Rogers
What is perceptual learning?
Perceptual learning is the belief that the student is the key to learning.
What is semantic mapping?
Semantic mapping is the organization of meaning in language.  Students apply associations.
Individuals examining their own thinking process is called _________.
What is “school-based management” or “decentralized decision making”?
The process of involving teachers in instructional decision-making to make them more accountable for student progress.
What are values?
Values are a medium in which leadership power exists and through which it functions.

True or False

The U. S. has a national system of education?


Unlike many other countries, the U. S. does not have a national system of education.

What act required towns to establish common schools and grammar schools so men could read Scriptures and escape Satan?
Old Deluder Satan Act
What book was used heavily in elementary schools to teach reading and number skills?
New England Primer
Who built the base for modern elementary schools?
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi believed that the narrown curriculum was inadequate.  What did he implement to help elementary school teachers provide a variety of learning experiences for students?
teacher training programs
Prussian system of education, which immitated the U.S., consisted of what same attributes?
grading students based on ability, improving methods of instruction and discipline, setting up a state agency for education, and developing special teacher-training institutions
What state established the first state board of education in 1837 with Horace Mann as secretary?
In what year was the principle of public elementary education accepted in all states?
What did the public school revival accomplish between 1826 and 1876?
It enriched the curriculum and pressured legislators into providing more money for elementary schools.
Which progressive educator believed that schools are a reflection of community life?
John Dewey
What movement, led by Dewey, Counts, Rugg, and others influenced elementary school curriculum until 1957, when launch of Sputnik forced a reexamination of the elementary school purpose?
Progressive Education Movement
What was John Dewey’s principle of learning?
“learning by doing”
Name four new programs introduced at the elementary level between the 1960s and 1990s.

1. Free public Kindergarten programs for 5 year olds in all states.

2. Head Start

3. ;Special Education Programs

4. Gifted and talented programs

5. Nursery school programs for 3 and 4 year olds

6. Daycare centers

7. Prenatal centers

What are the dimensions of individualization?

-materials for study

-method of study

-pace of study

-sequence of study

-learning focus

-place of learning

-evaluation of learning

-purpose of learning

Name four different ways to group students.


-class as a whole

-reading level groups

-reading needs groups

-interest groups

-practice or tutorial groups

-research groups


The two types of grouping are _________ and ___________.
heterogeneous and homogeneous

True or false. ;

Phonics includes explicit decoding instruction.

What is an ESL student?
A student who uses or learns English as a second language.
What is mainstreaming?
The process of putting children with disabilities in a regular education classroom.

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