last test!!!! ethics of sp

What is the minimum reliability coefficient for acceptable use?
Name the 5 legal ethical concerns that a psychologist must consider during psycho educational evaluations.
a. Multi-Faceted
b. Comprehensive
c. Fair
d. Useful
e. Valid
Under IDEA who stands for the parents when there is not a parent?
Parent surrogate
Name the three types of discrimination addressed by the Sec. 504?
a. Exclusion
b. Harassment
c. No accommodations
What are the two most important aspects of a test?
Validity and Reliability
Differentiate the legal base of IDEA and Sec. 504
a. Sec. 504 is constitutional, civil rights
b. Entitlement legislation
Differentiate between Sec. 504 and IDEA qualification.
a. IDEA requires a direct effect on educational performance
b. Sec. 504 requires substantial limitation

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