La France Contemporaine Chapter 3

In what year did the National Assembly create the 22 regions of France?


How much percent of the french population lives in l’Ile-de-France?

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What type of cheese originated;in l’Ile-de-France?

Le Brie

Which event in 1994 provided the people of La Flandre with more jobs?

The construction of the English Tunnel

What is the 4th biggest city of France?

Lille, in La Flandre

In what city was Charles de Gaulle born?

Lille, La Flandre

Where does the region Normandie take its name from?

From the Vikings called Normans who came from England. Normans means “men from the north”.

Where is Le Havre, a big port, located?


For what products is the region Normandie famous for?

Apples, cider, dairy products

Where were the writers Flaubert and Maupassant born?


Which region is attached to the celtic civilization?

La Bretagne

Which region is considered the land of castles of Loire?

La Touraine

What is the capital of the region La Touraine?


In which region was Balzac born?

La Touraine

Where is Leonardo da Vinci’s tomb located?

In the castle of La Touraine, l’Amboise

Where are the Lascaux Caves (Art from the Paleolithic Era) located?


What is the most important city in the region Le Bearn?


What is the smallest region?

Le Limousin

Where is the medieval village of Carcassonne located?


Where is Toulouse?


What is the name of the city in the region La Provence which has a big university and holds a famous music festival?


What is the 2nd largest city in France?


Where did the battle of Alesia (52 B.C.) take place?

Dijon, La Bourgogne

What is the biggest city of L’Alsace?


What is Strasbourg famous for?

The capital of the European Union is located there.

What are the poorest regions?

La Bretagne, La Corse

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