Exam 4

Defintion of OHI (Other Health Impairment)
A health issue that adversly affects education.
Characteristics of OHI

  • mental health
  • physical health
  • disease
  • ADD/ADHD (most common)
  • CP
  • head trauma 

Causes of OHI and Low Incidence Disabilities

  • trauma (before, during, and after birth)
  • disease
  • family genes
  • abuse/neglet
  • unknown 

Defintion of Low Incidence Disabilities/Mulitple-Handicapped (MH)
More than one servere issue-physically, cognitively, and/or socially

Characteristics of Low Incidence Disabilities/Mulitple-Handicapped (MH)

  • deaf/blind
  • multiple impairments
  • servere impairments
  • TBI
  • disease (scarlet fever/meningitis) 

Definition of Gifted and Talented
Children will above the norm
Characteristics of Gifted and Talented

  • creativity
  • artistic/music
  • leadership
  • academics 

Causes of Gifted and Talented

  • genetics

Definition of Early Childhood
Birth-5 years old with disabilities
Characteristics of Early Childhood

  • developmental delays (walking, talking, etc.) 

Causes of Early Childhood

  • trauma
  • family genetics
  • unknown 

Prevalence of OHI
Placement Options of OHI
Regular Education Classroom
Assessments Given for OHI and Low Incidence Disabilities/Mulitple-Handicapped (MH)

  • IQ
  • medical exam
  • achievement  

Educational Approaches for OHI


  • medication*
  • surgery
  • wheelchair/braces


  • assistant technology
  • extra time on tests
  • IEP
  • accommodations

Prevalence of Low Incidence Disabilities/Mulitple-Handicapped (MH)
Placement options for Low Incidence Disabilities/Mulitple-Handicapped (MH)

  • seperate class/school 

Educational Approaches for Low Incidence Disabilities/Mulitple-Handicapped (MH)


  • feeding tube/catheter


  • life skills/functional ability
  • assistive technology
  • extra time on tests
  • IEP
  • modifications
  • alternate assessment

Placement Options for Gifted and Talented

  • regular classroom/AP classes 

Assessments given to Gifted and Talented

  • IQ (rarely given)
  • Achievement test 

Educational Approaches for Gifted and Talented

  • WEP
  • higher classes
  • skip grade 

Placement options for Early Childhood

  • special services 

Assessments given to Early Childhood

  • medical exam

Educational Approaches for Early Childhood

  • IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan); baby IEP 

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