Exam #2 Phonics

accuracy, rate, and prosody
Fluency Activities
Choral Reading (unison,refrain,antiphonal)

Repeated Reading

Recorded Book Model

Alternate Book Reading

How to teach C and G
show card, say short sound.
say that the letter can make 2 sounds.
give examples
hard sound- a,o, and u
soft sound- e, i, and y
Blends and Examples
2 or more letters and sounds

cl, br, scr, bl

Digraphs and Examples
2 letters, one sound

th, ch, sh, gh

Diphthongs and examples

oi, ow, au, aw, oy, ou

line between 2 c’s, say both parts of word

(campus, mustard)

try digraph, line between two values if not working together


line between first and second consonants, say both parts


letters will join to the one before it and become a syllable. draw line between first part le and ask students to say both parts.
Stages in reading words
1. Pre Alphabetic- use non phonetic clues (look, tall, elephant)
2. Partial Alphabetic- use parts of words, struggle with vowels. (mwd)
3. Full Alphabetic- process all letters, still spell some vowel sounds wrong.(cite for city)
4. Consolidated Alphabetic- process longer, more consolidated units of sound (-ight, -ing)

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