EFRT 310

Danielson’s Framework for Professional Practice

1) Planning and Prep

2) Classroom Environment

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3) Instruction

4) Professional Responsibility


Domain 1: Danielson

Planning and Prep: how the teacher organizes/designs instruction


-knowledge of students

-instructional goals

-knowledge of resources

-designing instruction

-assessing student learning

Domain 2: Danielson

Classroom Environment


-culture for learning

-managing procedures

-managing student behavior

-organizing physical space


Domain 3: Danielson

Instruction: Core of Teaching


-questioning and discussion techniques

-engaging students in their learning

-feedback to students

-demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness

Domain 4: Danielson

Professional Responsibility

-reflecting on teaching

-maintaining accurate records

-communicating with families

-contributing to school district

-growing/developing professionalism

-showing professionalism

Instructional Objectives

1) Focus Planning

2) Plan effective instructional events

3) Plan valid evaluation procedures

Planned Beginning

1) Focus Attention

2) Establish expectations

3) Motivate students to become involved in the lesson by planning student-centered activities

4) provide smooth transition from known materials to new material

Shared Experience
Build case that results in a common understanding
Skills for Large Group Discussion

1) Listen respectfully

2) Avoid interrupting

3) Keep open mind

4) Take responsibility for actions

5) learn to be cooperative to seek solutions

6) Listen critically

7) Stay focused

8) Agree to disagree

When to Use a Planned Ending

1) end of unit

2) Close discussion

3) Follow up a film

4) End lab

5) Follow up homework assignment

Instructional Objectives
Given the (activity/situation) the (learner) will (accomplishment).
Teacher as decision maker




A play is like a lesson plan

-Mood/Message: Goal and Content

-Props: Materials

-Script: Planned Dialogue

-Scene: Social organization

-Improvising: Unpredictable events

-Critic: Thoughtful Teacher

What to have in place before school begins



-subject areas

-lesson plans

-bulletin boards

-seating chart


-ice breaker

-designated area for belongings

Teacher Competence

1) Command of theoretical knowledge about learning and human behavior

2) Display of attitudes that foster learning and genuine human relationships [enthusiasm]

3) Command of knowledge in the subject matter to be taught

4) Repertoire of teaching skills that facilitate student learning

5) Personal practical knowledge

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