MTS Section A

The purpose of the Navy Training System
Ensure a systematic approach for determining what to train and how best to accomplish that training.
The single most essential, singl link in the training chain.
Chapter 1, Page 6
The 3 qualities of an efficient and effective instructor.

Knowledge- know far more about subject than you teach

Ability-Lead by example. Know principles, methods, and techniques of instruction and be able to apply them effectively.

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Personality-the pattern of character, behavior, temperment, emotional, and mental traits of an individual.

Instructor responsibility to:


Training Safety



Students- teach effectively, set good example, and help resolve conflicts that hinder training.

Safety-must demonstrate safety in addition to teaching.

Security-Nevery downplay importance of the materials.

Curriculum-keep curriculum up-to-date and accurate.

Key principles of applying motivation theory in a training situation.

Needs and drives-a deficit/lack that causes a desire for satisfaction.

Interest-a person’s view of an activit as worthwhile

Values-students have more interest in a subject that deals with goals they see as important in their lives.

Incentives-such as good grades, awards to motivate students.

Attitudes-consist of feelings for or against people, objects, or ideas.

Achievements-is a strong desire, a longing, goal, or objective.

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