education technology hardware basics

central processing unit-the processing of the computers information
Input devices
allows the input of data into the computer. Examples-keyboard, mice, scanners, mics, ect.
Interactive whiteboards
an interactive board that when connected to a computer captures everything written and drawn on the surface. It can be transferred to the computer and printed
Output devices
What produces data after it has been processed by the cpu. Examples-monitors, speakers, printers, projection units, cameras, interactive whiteboards, portable media players
liquid crystal display. type of monitor-more expensive, better resolution
cathode ray tube. type of monitor-older less expensive
Outputs the data after it has been processed. Known as a hard copy
dots per inch- the way resolution is measured in printers
Hard disk drive
a circular disk inside the computer that holds the memory and data
System software
tells the computer what to do. The most common are windows operating system and mac os

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