Education Programs

Whats is AR 621–5??
Army Continuing Education System
What is eArmyU??
an online learning program Offering “anytime, anywhere” access to high-quality learning opportunities
from accredited postsecondary institutions
What is TA??
Tuition assistance
Whats is the FY ceiling dollar limits of TA??
Who is eligible for the post 9/11 Bill??
Soldiers who have served 90 or more days on active duty on or after Sept.11, 2001, are eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
What is GoArmyEd??
the virtual gateway for Soldiers on active duty to request Tuition Assistance (TA) online, anytime for classroom, distance learning, and eArmyU online college courses
What does SOCAD stand for??
Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges
What does ACF stand for??
Army College Fund
What does LRP stand for??
Loan Repayment Program

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