transition services
coordinated activities designed to help disabled students move form school to employment, further education, vocational training, independent living, and community participation
person-centered transition planning
planning process based on a commitment to each students needs and preferences and developed and implemented within each student’s IEP
circle of friend/ circle of support
individuals who meet regularly to help and support a person with disabilities
adult service agencies
agencies that provide services and supports to assist people with disabilities to become more independent as adults
teaching self determination
teaching effective decision making and problem-solving skills that include the reduction of problem behaviors, improved outcomes in community-based instruction and the promotion of choice making opportunities in vocational tasks.
adaptive functional life skills
accessing socialization activities in and outside of school and learning to manage one’s personal affairs. basic instruction on how to develop positive interpersonal relationships and the behaviors that are conducive to successfully participating in community settings
employment preparation
preparation for students with disabilities through work experience, career education and community reference instruction
income support/ social securit disability insurance
a government-sponsored program whereby the individual receives cash payments to support living needs
a government sponsored health care program that pays for certain medical service such as early screening, diagnosis, treatment, and immunizations
group home
a supported living arrangement for people with disabilities in which professionals provide ongoing training and support in a community home
semi-independent apartment living
housing for persons with disabilities who require less supervision and support
foster family care
a supported living arrangement in a family setting for persons with disabilities whereby an individual learns adaptive skills and works in a community job
vocational rehabilitation
a government sponsored program to assist people with disabilities to find employment consistent with their needs and abilities.
supported employment
employment provided for people with disabilities who need continuing support and for whom competitive employment has traditionally not been possible
mcgill action planning system. brings together a team of people to brainstorm ideas and answer questions concerning an individual’s history, dreams, fear, characteristics and current and future needs. this information is used to identify gaosl and develop a plan for the future which includes ongoing support for the individual. traditionally used to develop friendships among students with and without disabilities, identify strategies to include students with disabilities in general education classrooms and community environment, and generate IEP goals and activities
learning disabilities
a condition in which one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or using language are deficient
response to Intervention
a student’s response to instructional interventions that have been determined to be effective through scientifically based research
achievement discrepancy
students with learning disabilities perform below expectations based on their measured potential, in addition to scoring below their peers in overall achievement.
perhaps the most frequently mentioned ADHD behavior characteristic. refers to to much activity or inappropriate activity for a given situation
curriculum-based assessment
assessment in which the objectives of a students curriculum are used as the criteria against which progress is evaluated
a preliminary assessment to decide if further study of a child’s functioning level is necessary. screening raises “a red flag” if a problem is indicated
RTI Model for Instruction and Service Delivery
ADHD Attention-Deficit/Hyper activity Disorder
a disorder characterized by impulsive actions, hyperactivity, and difficulties in maintaining attention
language disorder
a serious disruption of the language acquisition process may result in this.
receptive language disorder
difficulties in comprehending what others say
expressive language disorder
difficulties in producing language
an acquired language disorder caused by brain damage and characterized by complete or partial impairment of language comprehension formulation and use.
augmentative communication
forms of communication that employ non-speech alternatives
a speech disorder that occurs when the flow of speech is abnormally interrupted by repetition, blocking, or prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases
delayed speech
a deficit in speaking proficiency where by the individual performs like someone much younger
articulation disorder
articulation problems that are likely the result of environmental or psychological influences
voice disorder
a condition in which an individual habitually speaks with a voice that differs in pitch, loudness, or quality from the voices of his or her peer groups

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