EDHE 783 Inst Research

First met in Chicago, 1965

with 50 professionals

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Association for Institutional Research (AIR)
(founded in 1965)
Common Data Set
Set of definitions established to create agreed upon survey data (nobody collects) in response to varied and multiple definitions of data set requests to institutions.

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System

Unit of analysis is the Institution

Sampling frame


National Postsecondary Student Aid Survey

Drawn sample to represent students at grad and

undergrad level regardless of financial aid award.



Beginning Postsecondary Student Longitudinal Study

Cyclical drawing of “oversample” from NPSAS.

Unit of analysis is the student.


Baccalaureate and Beyond

Unit of analysis is the student.

the primary Federal agency responsible for the collection, analysis and reporting of data related to education in the United States.
US Dept of Education

Home to the National Center for Education Studies.

Manages the Insitute of Educational Sciences created in 2002 out of the Education Science Reform Act.


Institute for Education Sciences.

Mission to provide rigorous evidence on which to ground education practice and policy; accomplished through work of four centers.

Four Centers of IES



Special Education

Statistics (this is where our data is collected)

Four Divisions of NCES

Postsecondary Studies


Early Childhood, International, and Crosscutting Studies

Elementary, Secondary and Libraries Studies


New Directions for Institutional Research

IR Journal for planners and administrators in all types of academic institutions with guidelines in such areas as resource coordination, information analysis, program evaluation, and institutional management.

Four Faces of Institutional Research
To describe the institution
To analyze alternatives
To present the best case
To supply impartial evidence

Brumbaugh, 1960

Advanced IR’s role…

A management service function

Dressel, 1971

Advanced IR’s role…

An autonomous institutional critic

Tetlow, 1984

Advanced IR’s role…

An institutional or an organizational
intelligence officer

Lindquist, 1981

Advanced IR’s role…

A change agent and action researcher

Firnberg and Lasher, 1983

Advanced IR’s role…

An institutional advocate or political partisan

Saupe, 1990

Advanced IR’s role…

A management and decision support function

Gill and Saunders, 1992; Terenzini, 1993

Advanced IR’s role…

A policy analyst;
Ohio Association for Institutional Research and Planning
Northeast Association for Institutional Research
Data and Decisions Academy

a series of online, self-paced courses designed for busy community college institutional research (IR) professionals.

Initial funding for the Data and Decisions Academy is made possible by a $1.92 million grant from Lumina Foundation for Education. The Academy is hosted by the Association for Institutional Research in Tallahassee, Florida.

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