Task List BCBA

Science is predicated on the assumption of determinism. Scientists presume that the universe, or at least part of it is a lawful and orderly place in which all phenomena occur as the result of other events.

Determinism plays a pivotal dual role in the conduct of scientific practice

Scientific knowledge is built on Empiricism above all else. The practice of objective observation of the phenomena of interest.
Lawfulness of Behavior
Determinism or lawfulness of behavior states that events are related in systematic ways to other factors, which are themselves physical phenomena amenable to scientific investigation. … Assumption that the universe is a lawful and orderly place in which phenomena occur as a result of other events.
Selectionism (ontogey)
selection by consequences operates during the lifetime of the individual organism.
Selectionism (phylogeny)
Natural selection in the evolutionary history of a species
Selectionism (cultural)
all forms of life, from single cells to complex cultures, evolve as a result of selection with respect to function
the practice of ruling out simple, logical explanations, experimentally or conceptually, before considering more complex or abstract explanations
A behavioral relationship is important if the relation is powerful in its effects and can be used to change the behavior of an individual.
what is the difference between mentalistic and environmental explanations of behavior?
mentalistic is internal (thoughts feelings) environmental is external
methodological behaviorism


acknowledges the existence of mental events but do not consider them in the analysis of behavior
conseptual analyisis of behavior
procedures for changing behavior and any interpretations of how or why those procedures were effective should be described in terms of the relevant principles from which they were derived.
experimental analysis of behavior
the rate at which a single subject emittes a given behavior in a controlled and standardized experimental chamber.
radical behaviorism
Skinner pioneered behaviorism that differed significantly from other psycological theories, including other forms of behaviorism
applied behavior analysis
Dates back to 1959 with the publication of ‘The Psychiatric Nurse as a Behavioral Engineer.’ Where authors describe how direct care personnel used variety of techniques based on the principles of behavior to improve functioning of residents.

selecting measurable, observable, and repeatable behaviors that are socially significant for participants, and

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