Teaching Diverse Populations

What is an Individual Education Program?
A written program required for all children with disabilities under IDEA. It includes statements of the student’s performance, annual goals, short term objectives, specific educational services needed, relevant dates, participation in regular education and Evaluation procedures. Parents should participate in IEP development and sign the document.
In general, how does society view people with disabilities?
Society portrays the disabled as 1)children, usually with severe mental retardation with obvious physical stigmata or 2)persons with crippling conditions either in a wheelchair or on crutches. Therefore the disabled are denied the rights given to nondisabled people. ;page 191;
What is Public Law 94-142?
the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, which was signed into law in 1975. This act provides individuals ages 3 to 21 with 1) a free and appropriate education for all children with disabilities 2) Procedural safeguards to protect the rights of students and parents 3) Eduaction in the least restrictive environment.4) IEP’s 5) Parental involvement in decisions 6) fair, accurate, nonbiased evaluations.<pg 185,186>
Why is overrepresentation in special education a major problem in education?
This is a problem when the children placed there do not have a disability. This limits the opportunities for positive experiences , access to general education curriculum, access to quality programs, and limits obtaining a high school diploma. Can be stigmatizing to the individual.<pg 195>
Is it true or false that to some extent, some special education classes have become a dumping ground for many culturally and linquistically diverse children?
True <pg 195>
Is it true or false that minorities of color are less likely to be placed in special education classes?
False <pg 196>
List three groups of students that are underrepresented in classes for the gifted and talented.
1) African American students

2) American Indian students

3) Latino students

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<pg 197>

What kinds of problems can lead poisoning lead to in relationship to education?
Reading and learning disabilities, speech and language disabilities, lower IQ, neurological deficits, anemia, hearing loss, behavior problems, mental retardation, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, coma, seizures, death.

<pg 199>

What does “least restrictive environment” mean?
(LRE) The educational setting closest to a regular school or general education setting in which the child with a disability can be educated. For many children this may mean a general classroom. Others may require a less inclusive setting to best meet their needs. < glossary pg 392>
Section 504 of Public Law 93-112 was designed to be a counterpart law for individuals with disabilities to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. What does Section 504 require of schools?
Section 504 states that no disabled person can be excluded from participation in school programs solely based on their handicap, under any program receiving federal funds.
Do public school teachers have the right to teach their own religious beliefs in the classroom?
The First Amendment of the Constitution requires that educators keep their religious beliefs separate from the classroom. <pg 219>
What religious group is the majority in the United States?
Protestants. <pg 224>
What religious group in the United States has developed the largest private educational system in the world?
The Roman Catholic Church.

< pg 231>

What religion is one of the oldest known to humanity and provides the historical roots to both Catholicism and Protestantism?
Judaism. < pg 231>
Do a majority of Muslim students in the United Staes attend private or public schools?
Public schools. < pg 238>
Public schools are supposed to be free of religious _____ and _____.
doctrine and perspective. < pg 256>
What is Secular Humanism?
A non religiously based philosophy promoting humanity as the measure of all things. Rejects the concept of a personal god and regeards humans as supreme. Sees God as a creation of man, rather than man being a creation of God. < glossary pg 394>
What kind of schools serve as primary agents for transmitting religious values?
Private and parochial schools. ?
How can religious groups influence public education within a community?
They can influence election of school board members, curriculum, textbooks, hiring and firing of teachers and adminstrators. < pg 217>
What was removed from public schools in a 1963 Supreme Court decision?
Religious worship and prayer in schools. < pg 257>
By the age of ___, most children have learned the syntax of their native language and know that the words in different arrangements mean different things.
5. <pg 271>
The more or less secret vocabulary of a co-culture( eg, prisoners,gang members,etc.) is referred to by linquists as ____.
Argot.<pg. 274>
What group of people determine what is or is not standard English?
Groups of people in positions of power and status, Educators, employers, the educated professional middle class. < pg. 280>
The English dialect spoken by the vast majority of African Americans is called ___.
Vernacular Black English, African American Vernacular English (AAVE), or Ebonics. <pg 280>
What is the intended purpose of California’s Proposition 227?
To put an end to bilingual education in California.;pg 291;
What is the primary argument opponents make against Proposition 227?
They argue that Proposition 227 was not backed by research or scientific data. They state that one year is too limited a time to; acquire academic language skills. ; pg 291;
What is sheltered English instruction?
A classroom where English language acquisition is accomplished with instruction in English, but curriculum and presentation is designed for language learners. ELL students are sheltered from competing academically with English speaking students in mainstream classes during the Sheltered English immersion program.; pg 291;
Describe the Supreme Court decision of Lau vs. Nichols?
In 1974 the Supreme Court ruled that special language programs were needed for schools to provide equal educatonal opportunies to non Eglish speaking students in schools. Started bilingual education and ESL programs. ; pg 297;
What does ELL stand for?
English Language Learners. Students who have limited or no English skills and are in the process of learning English.; pg 287;
What is monolingualism?
the ability to speak only one language. ; pg 275;
What is the problem that immigrant children seeking peer acceptance may experience?
More acculturation than what is considered acceptable by parents seeking to maintain traditional cultural values.; pg 312;
What constitutes child abuse?
The physical or psychological mistreatment of children. Includes physical abuse , physical neglect, sexual abuse, emotional abuse. ;pg 315;



Describe the central task of adolescence.
Emanicipation from the primary family unit.; pg 319;
Research has established a clear relationship between alcohol use by adolescents and ____.
Negative experiences with their families.

; pg 320;

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately ___ young people in the US commit suicide annually.
2000 ;pg 324;
Describe the characteristics of Generation X.
The generation that follows the baby boomers, born between 1965 and 1976, 3.4 million per year in US. As a group they are more accepting of ethnicity, family structure and lifestyle. High view of marriage, delay marriage until the right person comes along. Tolerant of living together, safe sex, non-Judeo-Christian spirituality. ; pg 339;
Describe characteristics of Generation Y.
Children of baby boomers. Born 1980-1994. 1/3 of US population.Optimistic outlook on life and work.Self esteem generation. Technologically astute. Education minded generation.Most tolerant generation in history. Overacheiving, overmanaged, and pressured. View themselves as special. Close to parents. ; pg 340;
Describe characteristics of the baby boom generation.
Born in 1946-1964. 76 million. Now in professional prime, have influence over other groups.Most educated group in history of US. Active involvement in politics, religion, ;Me; generation. ;pg 337,338;
Describe characteristics of the elderly.
Individuals 65 years and older. Oppressed group that suffers from prejudice, discrimination and deprivation. Have group identity, functional, political force.More likely to vote. Povertyis a problem, low income elderly continue to work and be productive to survive. 20% infirm, 10% senile.

;pgs 343,344;

Detail factors that may suggest child abuse.
Telltale marks, bruises, and abrasions. Changes in behavior patterns, extreme fatigue, chronic depression, isolation from peers, apathy, suicide attempts. ; pg 347;

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