ECE 334 Final exam

what are the three r’s?


Respectful, responsive, reciprocal
What is developmentally appropriate practice?

It is practice based on research and child development principles/practice which relates to typical development

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Individually Appropriate Practice

Practice which meets the needs of each and every child in your care/practice which relates to all kinds of differences 

Culturally Appropriate Practice

Practice that addresses the differences related to a cultural background 

What is the Resources for Infant Educarer Approach (RIE)?

Founded in 1978

-a non-profit organization concerned with improving the care and education of infants

What is the philosophy of RIE?

 Educarer and educaring:  combining education and caring

v.             providing social learning experiences 

what is interaction?

The effect that one person has on another

-they grow from those that are respectful, responsive, and reciprocal 

What are the two types of quality time?

-the wants something: in which the adult and child are involved in a task the caregivers has set up (diapering, feeding, bathing)


-the wants nothing: in which the adult is available and responsive to the child but is not directing the interaction, activity, or play

what is scaffolding?

a temporary structure of support provided by adults at an appropriate level to help children or increase their competence at a given task or interaction

-fits with the theory of Vygotsky 

What are the key words of the 10 principles?

1. involvement, 2. quality time, 3. communicaiton, 4. total person, 5. respect, 6. honest feelings, 7. modeling behavior, 8. problems as opportunities, 9. security and trust, 10. quality of development 

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