Domain 4

Component 4a: Reflecting on Teaching

1. Accuracy

2. Use in future teaching

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Component 4b: Maintaining Accurate Records

1. Student completion of assignment

2. Student progress in learning

3. Non-instructional records


Component 4c: Communicating with Families

1. Information about the instructional program

2. Information about individual students

3. Engagement of families in the instructional program

Component 4d: Participating in a Professional Community

1. Relationships with collegues

2. Involvement in a culture of professional inquiry

3. Service to the school

4. Participation in school and district projects

Component 4e: Growing and Developing Professionally

1. Enhancement of content knowledge and pedegogical skill

2. Receptivity to feedback from collegues

3. Service to the profession

Component 4f: Showing Professionalism

1. Integrity and ethical conduct

2. Service to students

3. Advocacy

4. Decision making

5. Compliance with school and district regulations

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