penetration strategy
used to enter a market with a new product where there is an existing brand in an existing product category
foreign consumer culture includes
consumer perceptions, attitudes and brands
country image
broad notions that consumers hold abotu hte products associated with that country
joint venture agreement
multinational corporation partners with either private business or government entity in a host country
market entry strategies
penetration, diversiification, product development
the relationship between an individual and how close or tight the social groups that distinguishes them
3 main variables that influence retail localization and customization
characterisitics of retail offerings, drivers of retail location, elements of time constraint
retail phenomenon where consumers move from one retial trade area to another to seek better shopping options and deals
___has the single largest consume rmarket in the world
m commerce is the next generation of ecommerce and has not eliminated time and distance factors in consumer shopping interations factors t/f
consumer ethnocentrism
cuased by consumers feelings that it is wrong to purchase foreign products because it hurts the local economy
strategy for shifting from standardization to localization
m commerce is the next generation of ecommerce and is based solely off hte use of calcualotors t/f
local consuemr culture
cultural meaning associated with indigenous norms values and identites
objects of multinational companies
selecting the operation with the best overall results, resources utilized to improve effieciny, wants to retain the largest percentage of the profit
cultural differences
greatest concern for international retail expansion
generation y
consumer market is considered the first true global consumer group
collectivism culture is strong in which nations?
tourist shopping is a form of cross border shopping t/f

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