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-ible ableexample: edible -er one who doesexample: teacher -or one who doesexample: doctor -er one who doesexample: teacher -est mostexample:


able able to be; capable of being ade action or process age action or process (i)al of; like; relating to;

Suffixes Latin -ance -sub

-Ance   -action, process -Sub Under, close to Assistance the act of giving help Allowance money that someone gives you

Success: Argumentative Writing

Expert A person or organizationwith special knowledge in a field or about a topic. Opinion A personal belief or judgment.

Study Guide for Nevada Teacher Licensure Examinations

1.1 Legislative Department   How many houses in congress? 2 (house of representatives and senate) how many houses were proposed

Study Guide for Nevada Teacher Licensure Examinations

What are the three elements of important background info that copies of the NV constitution contain? 1. dateline of NV

Study Guide Final Test HDFS

What are the three Definitions of Family? Ancestry – Biological Structure – Marriage, Adoption Function – Finanical/ Emotional support  Social

StUdY 4 ThIs HaRd

trade the exchange of goods and services between people productive resources all natural, human, and capital resources used in the

Students with Ex

Aphasia Disorders not included in LD LD does not include problems that are the result of visual, hearing, or motor

students with disabilities 3

?Legally Blind has visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye even with correction (e.g. eyeglasses) or has