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Gifted Education

Twice Exceptional Quality of being both gifted and having a physical, and emotional, or a learning disability. Asperger Syndrome a

German Wines

Halbtrocken Dry wine never having more then 18 grams of sugar Germany Regions Sachsen Franken Baden Nache Ahr Rheinhessen Pflaz

Statistics Vocabulary

Science (Define and name four reasons why it is important) “A systematic method for the acquisition of knowledge” – Objective


acute angle an angle that has a measure less than a right angle congruent figures figures that have the same


acute angle an angle that measures less than 90 degrees adjacent angles 2 angles that share a ray as a

geometry vocab

ratio of a to b two quantities measured in the same units; a:b, a/b proportion an equation that equates two

Study Guide

  Epistemology   how and what we know using ideas and instruments for problem solving EX: Pragmatism, Existentialism   Metaphysics

Geometric Sequences

In the following sequence, what are the next 3 numbers?   10, 20, 40, ___, ____, ____ 80, 160, 320

Styles of Teaching

Pros of Style A Group cohesiveness Task performed in unison Teacher knows when to move on Pace of learning is


Science Fiction  These books are based on supernatural events, combining science and fantasy. Realistic Fiction This is a story about