Developmental Learning Theory

What are 5-7 things you learned from the video about the brain’s function in learning?
  • Neurons are microscopic cells that send messages to the brain and body and we have over 100 billion of them.
  • The brain is responsible for our feelings and emotions. 
  • It is important to maintain a balanced diet to give your body the nutrition in it needs to work efficiently.  
  • Water is extremely important in the making of neuron pathways. 
  • Physical activity helps neurons to become more active by the increase in oxygen from the movement of our bodies.


What is the basic definition of developmental learning theory?

The developmental learning theory is most commonly seen as stages in which people go through to understand the world they live in.

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What is Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Theory?  

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development is a stage theory of developmental intelligence. Piaget believed that children were “little scientists” trying the figure out the world, but in figuring out the world, children were categorized into stages by there intelligence. Piaget found out there were four main stages of developmental growth.

What are his Piaget’s stages?  Can you define something about each one?

·      After age 11 children are seen to think more abstractly and have reasoning.

What is Equilibrium?      

Piaget believed that the concept of equilibrium in cognitive development is when children try to find a balance between applying previously learned information and processing new information.


Assimilation is the process in which new information is categorized into already learned information of a child. It is where the information previously learned is the ground for new information coming in. The new information assimilates into the information the child already knows. 

Assimilation Example?  

in a video seen on the child knows that he has a dog that barks and looks a certain way, then he goes to grandmas and sees an animal that barks and looks similar to the dog he sees at home, he categorizes the new animal as a dog because it looks just like what he has at home. The new information assimilates into his already set schemas of what he knows.


Accommodation is the process in which the new information learned is different from the information learned previously. The child must accommodate his learning to the new information. For example, in the video (link below), in the past when little Jimmy has seen a furry four legged animal he refers it to a dog, when he is faced with a cat, and says dog, someone tells him that is not a dog it is a cat, meow. He has to take in the new information and accommodate to the difference of the dog and cat.

What is Sociocultural Theory by Lev Vygotsky?    

The theory of sociocultural looks at how adults and peers are influenced in individual learning and how cultural beliefs and attitudes are also involved on the way a given person learns.

What is Zone of Proximal Development?     

The Zone of Proximal Development is range of abilities a person can perform with assistance, but cannot yet perform by themself (About Psychology). For example, many times in school while learning a math lesson, a teacher will solve a problem step by step with a child; the next problem the child may accomplish doing the problem with assistance with the help of doing it step by step with the teacher. However, many times when the child goes home after learning the new equation, the child may not be able to solve the new learned equation with out the teacher nearby. Another example is a child learning how to ride a bike. The child can pedal and ride with the parent holding on to them, but when the parent wants to let go, the child perhaps is not ready yet to be by themself and urges the parent or guardian not to let go of them.

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