Romeo & Juliet Introduction

What is a blood feud?
When two opposing people want each other’s blood, etc.
What two families are engaged in it?
The Capulets ; the Montagues.
Why do we have trouble understanding Shakespeare’s words? What does “static” have to do with it?
Static means caused by changes in life, and it intervenes with his speaking and our hearing. Also, his words aren’t used anymore or have very different meanings.
What does Shakespeare mean when he uses the word “marry”?
An old oath by the virgin Mary; indeed.
What does Shakespeare mean when he uses the word “soft”?
An interjection that means “hold”, “enough”, or “wait a minute”.
What is a buckler?
A small round shield used to ward off blows.
What is a partisan?
A 16th or 17th century shafted weapon with a long sphere base with lobes at the end.
What/when is Lammas?
A festival held on August 1st in England. Bread from the first harvest is blessed.
What does “heavy” mean when Shakespeare uses it?
What does “envious” mean when Shakespeare uses it?
What does sadly mean when Shakespeare uses it?
What does “happy” mean when Shakespeare uses it?
What does “cousin” mean when Shakespeare uses it?
What does “still” mean when Shakespeare uses it?
What are sentence inversions?
Switching the sequences of words and sentences.
What is a pun?
A play on words that have more than one meaning.
What is most important about the date 1592?
Shakespeare achieved prominence as actor ; playright. He also became a published poet.
Why were the theatres closed before 1594?
The plague.
Name 5 different places where plays were performed.
Globe, court, inns of court, universities (Oxford ; Cambridge), and private houses.
What happened in 1613?
The Globe burned and Shakespeare; returned to live in Strat-ford-upon-Avon.
Describe the two types of theatres that existed in Shakespeare’s days.
Outdoor or public playhouses/indoor & private theatres.
What is Bankside?
A region under the authority of the Church of England, whose head was the Monarch.
What did the Globe Theatre look like?
Polygonal or roughly circular in shape; the Fortune square. Diameter: 72 ft. (rose) to 100 ft. (Globe). Stage had a ceiling called the Heavens. There was a yard for poor spectators. 100 ft. tall.
Who played women’s roles during Shakespeare’s day? Why?
Boys, because there were no women in the acting companies.
What is a sonet?
A 14-line verse w/ conventional rhyme scheme, usually Iambic Pantameter.
What is Blanked Verse?
Unrhymed, Iambic Pantameter.
What is a folio?
Technical term for the format of a book with four pages.
What is a quarto?
A technical term for the format of a book with eight pages. Quarter size of the original sheet.
What is a groundling?
The audience who stand in the yard of the theatre (common people).
What are three types of shakespearian plays?
Comedy, tragedy, & history.
What are three types of puns?
Gag puns, body puns, and poetic puns.

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