Dark is Rising Vocab


“That wide grey sweep was the lawn, with the straggling trees of the orchard still dark beyond;…”

to spread or be spread in a scattered fashion or at irregular intervals


“Will attacked him, and they scuffled together, grinning, while the empty pail toppled rattling on the hard ground.”

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to fall forward, as from having too heavy a top

“…his mother might be married to a jeweller, but with generations of Buckinghamshire farmers behind her, she was no joke when the old instincts were roused.”

one of the counties of Great Britain.

“The tall spinney of horse-chestnut trees, raucous with the calling of the rooks and rubbish-roofed with the clutter of their sprawling nests, was one of their familiar places.”

a small wood or thicket.

“The tall spinney of horse-chestnut trees, raucous witht he calling of the rooks and rubbish-roofed witht the clutter of their sprawling nests, was on of their familiar places.”

rough-sounding and harsh

“In the doorway, paused irresolute with one hand on the ricketty door, stood the shambling old tramp of the day before.”

Unsure of how to act or proceed; undecided.

“That is your destiny, your first quest. If you can accomplish that, you will have brough to life one of the three great forces that the Old Ones must turn soon towards vanquishing the powers of the dark, which are reaching out now steadily and stealthy over all this world.”

to defeat, to overcome.

“…the great hall was fulled suddenly with a hideous mixture of moaning and mumbling and a strident wailing, like the caged voices of an evil zoo.”

loud; shrill, piercing, high-pitched; rough-sounding

“Great peril, through all this quest.”

imminent danger.

“His home no longer seemed quite the unassailable fortress it had always been.”

secure against attack; impregnable

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