Robin Hood

Maid Marian
Daughter of the Earl of Huntingdon and love interest of Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Won the golden arrow prize. Steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Love interest of Maid Marian. Aided the poor in England when in a crisis of taxes and unjustice.
Gave King Richard and his army a blessing
De Lacy
Appointed the new Sherif of Notingham by Prince John. Very shady character throughout the story, influences the Prince to secretrly rise up against the King in order to take his thrown.
Collected by the sherrifs men. What the towns people have to pay to the King.
Friar Tuck
Aided Robin Hood in the capture of De Lacy
The shooting match
Takes place at the Nottingham fair. Robin Hood ended up winning the match and the prize even when Hugh Fitzooth split his arrow in half.
Hugh Fitzooth
Splits Robin Hoods arrow in half at the shooting match.
John Little
Battles Robin Hood with staff and then becomes one of Robin Hoods men.
Weapon used Robin Hood
Sherwood Forest
Location of the Ambush set up by the Prince and De Lacy where they dress up as Robin Hoods men. Their goal is to steal the ransom money back.
This is where the story takes place.
King Richard
King of Nottingham and son of Queen Eleanor. Knights Robin hood.
John Little
Battles Robin Hood with a staff. Becomes one of Robin Hoods main men.

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