CTRD 5700/6700

What is the simple view of reading?
R= D x C
What is reading?

process in which we construct meaning from print

According to the simple view of reading, what are the two main factors in reading?
R= D x C

D is recognizing the words

C is comprehending the language

What are Chall’s main stages of reading development?
  • emergent literacy
  • beginning reading
  • growing independence and fluency
  • reading to learn
  • multiple viewpoints
  • construction and reconstruction
In early or beginning reading, what is the crucial achievement goal?
word recognition
Why is the story of the blind men and the elephant instructive for resolving arguments about reading?
teachers may overgeneralize an observation about reading that has limited validity
How do we gain public knowledge about how reading works or what sort of instruction is effective?
Among the components of language, what is semantics?
the study of meaning in language
What is syntax?
the way words are arranged in a sentence
What is morphology?
study of meaningful structure of words

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