Four keys to setting goals

1. realistic 

2. believeable

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3. desireable


Threee goal time-frames

short term


long term


Goal checkpoints



quanity amout


learning styles






benefits of knowing your learning style


1. help you study more effectively

2. work on skills that dont come easily to you

3. try new method of comprehending info

4. make the best use of your learning style


Ways to effectively use your learning style


1. participate in class

2. link classroom experiance to outside world

3. relate class concepts to your own life

4. ask questions and offer criticism

5. stimulate further relevant discussion

6. stay on task

7. keep an open mind

qualities of a critical thinker

truth seeking

open minded



self confidenct



rules to preaparing a budget

track daily spending

determine income expenses

find ways to decrease spending

find ways to increase income


financial aid awards letter
notifcation of the terms and requirements of the financial aid package offered by a college

college scholarship service (CSS) profile


financial aid application required by some schools for dispensing insitutional funds
cost of attendance (COA)/ college budgets
annual costof attending college that is used to determine a students financial need. 
dependent student
unmarried student under the age of 24 who has no dependents and who has access to parental support 
independent student
student who is not dependent on parental support and meets one of several conditions established by the federal government
expected family contribuion (EFC)
total amount of a students family are expected to pay towards college costs from their income and assets
federal work study program

federally sponsored campus based program that provides employment oportunities for students with demonstrated need


charged or anything from damaging your residence hall room to reuturning library books late
form distributed by the federal government for use by students applying for federal financial aid programs 
monetary gift based on need and or merit that do not have to be repaid 
money that is given to you for college expenses that does not have to be repaid
money borrowed that must be paid back with interest
pell grant
given by the federal government. they are awarded to those students demonstrating exeptional financal needs
subsidized stafford loan
federal loan based on financial need and borrowed for the purpose of attending college or an eligible training program. 
student aid report 
report produced by the US department of education that outlines information provided on the FAFSA
factors to concider when choosing a career

follow your passion 

explore a number of careers and majors

get involved

get advice from people in your target occupation

dare to try something new


where to go for career help

carrer center


upper class students

student organization


ways to get experiance

volunteer or service learning

study abroad

interships/ co-ops

on campus employment

student projects and competitions


on the job training


“a journey of a thousand miles behings with a single step”
lao tzu

“security is mortals’ chiefest enemy”




“save your money now and it wil save you later”



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