convention sales


Contacting potential clients in a concentrated area over a brief period of time. Use for both reaching and qualifying new prospcts.

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A Sales Kit or presentation book

includes information your prospect will need about your property and services
Also called the bible, it’s a summary or master prospectus. Comprehensive overview of entire program, details activities hour by hour, and day by day. Prepared by CSM and meeting planners, distributed at least one week in advance to all staff serving the convention.


Banquet Event Order aslo called event form.

covers functions within the largest event

Serves as guide for hourly employees

Includes seating layouts, decorations, visual aids, covers, date, time, room name.

Types of meetings

Convention, Conference, Congress, Forum, Symposium, lecture, Seminar, Workshop, Clinic, Retreat, Institute, Panel, Exhibitions, Tradeshows

Release dates
Set in letter

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