Competency 6 Reading Fluency

Reading Fluency

  • Reading Rate
  • Reading Accuracy
  • Intonation (Reading with expression)

are all components of…


  • The bridge between word recognition and comprehension
  • Described as “reading like you talk”

Fluency Miscues

  • When a student’s oral reading response is different from the printed text
  • Different types include:
  1. Insertion
  2. Non-pronunciation
  3. Omission
  4. Repetition
  5. Reversal
  6. Substitution

  1. Model reading fluency
  2. Have student reread text orally

Name 2 strategies to help develop reading fluency.
Independent Reading Level
A student at this level reads 100-95% accuracy, read comfortable without assistance, and is considered easy for the reader
Instructional Reading Level
A student at this level read 90-94% accuracy, reading is challenging but manageable, and read with assistance or guidance.
Frustrational Reading Level
Student at this reading level find it difficult to read and read below 93-90% accuracy
Practice rereading text orally

  • Choral reading
  • Readers’ theatre
  • Tape-assisted
  • Partner/pair reading
  • Echo or silent reading

are examples of how students can..

Predictable Books
These type of books are appropriate for choral reading
Readers’ Theatre

  • Students practice reading story scripts to develop fluency
  • Promotes interaction with peers
  • Reading before a group

Read aloud to promote this…
Choral Reading

  • Reading together as a group
  • Reading from a Big Book
  • Predictable books because of the repetition of phrases

Comprehension and understanding
Read silently for this…
Reading fluency
Oral rerreading of high-interest materials will help promote a child’s…
Choral Reading and Readers’ Theatre
2 types of reading activities that promote student’s reading fluency and helps student read in a natural, fluid, and expressive manner are…
Reading fluency

  • Reading aloud daily
  • Reading at independent reading level
  • Modeling fluency reading
  • Rereading text orally
  • Praising the child’s attempt

are all ways to help develop what?

  1. Offering a wide variety of reading materials in the class
  2. Encouraging child to choose text that is at their independent reading level

Teachers can help promote reading fluency by:


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