Competency 5 Word Analysis and Identification Skills

Stages of Developing Word Analysis Skills

  1. Pre-Alphabetic
  2. Partial Alphabetic
  3. Full Alphabetic
  4. Consolidated Alphabetic
  5. Automatic Alphabetic

are the 5 stages of what?

Pre-Alphabetic Stage

  • Usually Pre-K
  • The child relies on visual clues to help them read words such as:

Golden Arch logo = McDonalds


This is what stage of developing word analysis skills?

Partial Alphabetic

  • Child associate letters with sound
  • The alphabetic principle is in this stage of developing word analysis

Children are able to read words in this stage of developing word analysis skills
Consolidated Alphabetic

  • usually occurs in 4th or 5th grade
  • Larger letter patterns such as suffixes like   -ed, -ing, -est are used in this stage of developing word analysis skills

  • Context cludes
  • Phonetic analysis
  • Structural Analysis

Word analysis (decoding) skills includes the use of what?
Context Clues

  1. Picture Clues
  2. Semantic Clues
  3. Syntactic Clues

are all examples of…

Phonetic analysis deals with what?
Structural Analysis

  • Use of root words, affixes (prefix & suffix) word ending, or base
  • Involves looking at prefixes to determine meaning of words
  • Using a portion of a word to identify it

are all examples of…

Sight Words
Words recognied instantly and read automatically
High Frequency Sight Words

  • Words most frequently used in written text
  • Examples are: the, to, and, he, a, I

Irregular Sight Words

  • Words with no regular decoding and causes incorrect pronunciation
  • Examples are: some, have, does, once, give, said, mother, been

Sight Words
These words are also known as “dolch words”
Consonant Clusters

Three consonant sounds blended together


Examples: scr, str, thr

Consonant Digraphs

Two letters that stand for one sound

Examples: ch, sh, ph, kn, th

Consonant Blends

Two letters that represent different sounds

Examples: bl, cl, pl, gr,st

Explicit and systematic
Decoding instructions should be…
Teachers should not use this when modeling decoding strategies…

  • Used as a reference to confirm spelling, meaning and pronunciations of words
  • Used at all grade levels
  • Includes guide words, part of speech, and has more than one meaning


  • Found at the back of a book
  • Includes terms within the book that is newly introduced and unfamiliar
  • Only has words that are related to the text

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