Competency 41 – Earth and Space Science

when the earth spins around once on it’s axis and a day occurs is known as…
the rotation of the earth on its axis
the changes in the earth that causes part of the earth to experience day at the same time that part of the earth experiences night are caused by…
78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen
the earth’s atmosphere is made up of…
absolute location
the exact position on the earth’s surface is called the…
a month occurs
when the moon makes a complete orbit around the earth what occurs?
it revolves around the earth, has phases, and is known as a satellite
when the earth completes one turn around the sun and a year occurs is known as a…
solar eclipse
this type of eclipse does not occur often; it is when the moon comes between the sun and the earth
lunar eclipse
this type of eclipse;happens twice a year; it is when the earth comes between the moon and the sun
new moon
when the moon is between Earth and the sun
the sun
the source of all life on earth,;the closest star to earth, and the center of the universe is known as…
cool dark spots are called…
solar flares
hot gases that occur outside the sun’s surface are called…
hydrogen and helium
the sun is made up of…
the outer layer of the sun is called the…
inner planets
the planets known as the “rocky surfaces” and consists of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are classified as…
the planet with the shortest year
the largest plant is…
the planet with visible rings made of dust and ice is called

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