Competency 36 Life Science

behavioral adaptation

  • an inherited behavior that helps an organism survies
  • instinctive because animals are born with them
  • inherited, not learned

behavioral adaptations

  • a beaver building a dam
  • a spider weaving a web

these are examples of…


what animals need in order to survive in the ecosystem

the way in which animals need to get food and protect themselves

inherited behaviors
ways animals find a home, attract mates, care for young, find food, avoid enemies, and migrate are what type of behaviors
selective breeding

  • controlled by humans
  • intentional breeding
  • examples would be livestock and crops

natural selection
those adapted to their environment will be the ones to survive and reproduce
the movement of an animal from one location to another as the seasons change
allow animals to protect themselves against predators

  • spines
  • armored skin
  • camouflage
  • speed
  • bad odors

are all adaptations that do what?

animals to obtain food

-teeth                   -long necks

-claws                  -appendages

-beaks                  -feet


are all adaptations that allow…

plant reproduction

adaptations such as:

-colorful flowers

-showy leaves and

-seeds traveling by wind, water, and fur aid in

plants to better survive in their environment

adaptations such as:

-larger leaves          




-thick covering



allows for what?

change through time
natural selection, selective breeding, mutation, and evolution are examples of..

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