Competency 33 Physical Science

law of conservation of energy

states that energy:

  • is never lost
  • cannot be created
  • cannot be destroyed
  • but ti can change form

when a fan is turned on
an example of electrical energy changing to mechanical energy
when a light bulb is turned on
an axample of electrical energy changing into heat energy and radiant energy would be…
how energy transfers

  • photosynthesis
  • weather
  • food webs
  • energy pyramids

are examples of…

glucose and oxygen
sunlight + water + carbon dioxide equals this…
solar energy is converted into chemical energy
photosynthesis is an example of the conservation of energy in which…
transferring heat/electricity through a substance; ex. cooling system in a car

  • when heating water on a stove, the hot water rises in the pot while the cooler water sinks 
  • when cold and warm air collides  creating tornados and hurricanes

energy traveling at a high speed; ex. cell phones, nuclear weapons, sunshine, microwaves
which process describes the transfer of thermal energy to earth?
sources of electrical energy

  • fossil fuels
  • solar energy
  • hydroelectric plants

are all examples of…

energy transferred through electromagnetic waves
the heat you feel when you place your hand above a hot burner is an example of…
when hot water rises in a pot while the cooler water sinks is an example of…
a pot of water that sits on a hot burner and the heat is transferred into the pot is an example of…
chemical to heat energy
what energy transformation takes place when a match is lit?
as energy from the sun warms the surface of the earth, the air near the surface is heated by…
in waves
how does energy from the sun travel to the earth?
energy transferred when mixing gas or liquid
this type of energy ca be potential or kinetic.  it has the potential to move.
mechanical energy
hydroelectric plants  use this energy of falling water to spin turbines of electric generators
electrical energy
the electric generators transform the mechanical energy into this, which can be sent over power lines

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