Competency 32 Physical Science

  1. mechanical
  2. chemical
  3. electrical
  4. nuclear
  5. radiant
  6. sound
  7. heat

name 7 forms of energy
the sun, friction, electric currents, buring gas, coal, and wood produces what type of energy?
this type of energy comes form the flow of electricity.
nuclear energy produces what?
gas and coal are examples of what type of energy?
heat lamps, microwaves, and lights are examples of what type of energy?
vibrate and travel in waves
sound energy does what?
melting point

the point at which:

-ice turns into water

-solid to liquid


  • materials used to make a light bulb come on
  • allows things like heat, sound, or electric current to flow through it
  • copper and metal are are good examples


  • it does not allow heat, sound, or electricity to flow through it
  • glass, plastic, and rubber are good examples

series circuit

  • has only one path through which the electric current can flow
  • example would be 2 light bulbs connected, one goes out, the other goes out too

parallel circuit

  • has more than one path for electric currents to flow
  • good example is a string of christmas lights
  • if one bulb goes out, the other bulbs stay on

closed circuit

an electric current can flow through the entire circuit

ex. turning the light on

open circuit
an electric current does not flow; it has a break in the circuit; ex. turning the light off
a temporary magnet made witih a nail, coiled wire, and a dry cell battery
visible spectrum

  • the only form of radiant energy visible to the human eye
  • discovery made by Sir Isaac Newton
  • all colors of light mixed together creates white light
  • shining white light thru a triangular prism creates a rainbow

no light passes thru; foil paper is a good example
some light passes thru; ex. wax paper
light passes through; ex. glass

light rays bouncing back at  you

like looking in a mirror


  • bending of light
  • a pencil in a glass of water appearing to be broken

because the light rays refract when they move from air to water, causing the stem to look/appear bent
a teacher places a stemmed flower in a glass of water and the stem appears to be bent.  why is this?

True or False:

sound moves most esily through most solids and least easily through gases because dense materials allow sound waves to travel faster

vibration in molecules
what must be present in order for soudn to be transmitted?
pitch and volume
name the properties of sound

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