Competency 31 Physical Science


  • has mass and takes up space
  • can be living and non-living
  • can change but not be created or destroyed
  • comes in solid, liquid, and gas


  • has a definite shape and definite volume
  • example would be an ice cube
  • packed together closely


  • no definite shape but it does have a definite volume
  • water is a good example of this
  • moves freely and is loosely packed together
  • takes the shape of the container that holds it


  • has no shape or volume
  • very loosley packed
  • can spread out indefinitely unless constrained by a container

molecules of a solid are tightly packed together to give a definite shape and volume.

it would look like a domino packed with 15 dots

how are molecules found in a wooden table and what would it look like?
physical properties of matter

the characteristics of a substance that can be observed or measured without chaning the substance; examples include

-mass               -temperature

-weight             -conduction

-volume            -hardness

-density            -magnetism

the amount of space matter takes up is known as…

  • use a graduated cylinder, beaker, or flask to measure this
  • formula is length x width x height

balance scale
mass is measured using a…

  • tells you how tightly packed particles are in an object
  • how much mass is in a certain volume of matter
  • formula is d = m/v

when vinegar is mixed with oil and the vinegar settles to the bottom while the oil rise is an example of…
chemical change

  • it changes to a new substance and cannot be reversed; examples would be:

-fried egg                -tarnished copper

-baked cake             -digested food

-rusty nail               -burning fossil fuel

-lit match                -photosynthesis

chemical properties of matter

properties such as:

  • combustion or ability to burn
  • reaction to acid
  • oxidation, such as rusting

are all examples of…

physical change

it does not change what the substance is made up of and can be reversed; examples are:


-chopping wood                   -shaping clay

-tearing paper                      -glass blown

-melting ice                         -wood sanded

-writing w/chalk                   -boiling water

-mixing sugar with water


2 or more kinds of matter that keeps it’s property; example would be a garden salad
one matter dissolves in another; example would be powdered lemonade dissolve in water to make lemonade

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